Main activities

Design of thermal power plants, boiler houses, main heating systems

Design of hydro-electric power plants

Development of investment justifications and business plans

Environmental impact assessment of energy sources and industrial enterprises and the preparation of environmental passports


Directors welcome speech

We are pleased to introduce to you the Republican Unitary Enterprise BELNIPIENERGOPROM as one of the Republic’s leading enterprises engaged in designing of energy sources and heat networks, cooperating successfully with all energy handling organisations and companies operating on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in many provinces of the Russian Federation. The Enterprise has designed and built foreign energy facilities in such countries as Macedonia (formerly Yugoslavia), Nigeria, Iran, China and has developed joint projects with a number of foreign companies.

BELNIPIENERGOPROM has highly-qualified personnel, modern computer engineering, vast ever-growing fund of technical standard documentation and advanced hardware which enable the Enterprise to fully solve the entire spectrum of tasks related to engineering of energy sources and provide timely and high-quality development of engineering designs of any level of complexity. When you take your problems to RUE BELNIPIENERGOPROM you receive the best of services.

Director, PhD in Engineering Sciences
Rykov Andrey Nikodimovich

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Why choose us?

РУП «Белнипиэнергопром», основанное в 1952 году, является головной проектной организацией по проектированию энергоисточников и тепловых сетей Министерства энергетики Республики Беларусь, имеет в своем составе свыше 500 квалифицированных сотрудников.


and more completed projects


Over 68 years of experience


Highly qualified employees


CHPP and HPP were built according to our projects

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