In connection with the decision to build a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Belarus, RUE "Belnipienergoprom" performed works on:

  • selection of the NPP construction site;
  • investment justification of the object "Belarusian nuclear power plant";
  • environmental impact assessment;
  • design estimates for the construction of a complex of buildings and structures (production base), linked to the technology of construction of a nuclear power plant.

The industrial site of the production base includes objects:

  • administrative complex;
  • a complex of industrial buildings and premises, including household premises for the employees of the complex;
  • concrete mixing facilities (unit, material warehouses, point for unloading aggregates from railway cars, utility rooms);
  • warehouse complex by types of stored products;
  • storage facilities of the general contractor (heated and unheated warehouses, storage areas for materials and structures);
  • workshops of the general contractor, as well as complexes of buildings and structures by type of work performed;
  • general site facilities (transformer substation, boiler room, checkpoints).

Пожарное депо Белорусской АЭС

The fire station of the Belarusian NPP is designed for 12 vehicles, including: a fire station, a block of warehouses, a protective structure.

In order to create an effective fire rescue division of the nuclear power plant, the fire station includes fire rescue equipment, technological equipment, fire-technical and rescue equipment, communication and warning systems equipment, information and computer technology, furniture and inventory.

The projected fire station ensures full readiness for solving practical problems at the Belarusian NPP, facing the fire rescue unit of the Republic of Belarus.

Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant